Digital Transformation: Exploring the Future of Business

La transformación Digital en las empresas

The digital transformation of companies during the pandemic has been a great step

Throughout this bizarre year, many businesses have made the decision to implement their digital transformation or technological innovation plan to maintain their relationship with their customers in less than 6 months.

From C3 Digital we support businesses to rethink and reactivate their digital transformation and innovation plan to face the complexities that may appear in 2021.

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, artificial intelligence acts as a catalyst for research and innovation for public administration, companies, social agents; making generation, storage and Big data an economic sector in itself in the new digital and technological development scene. This is having a strong transformative impact in multiple sectors of activity: environment, energy, logistics, industry, transport, mobility and logistics; among others.

Companies that work with artificial intelligence have seen accelerated both the development and use in their businesses. For this reason, it is understood that there is greater accessibility to the computing power, the frames and the algorithms necessary to apply it.

With everything we have learned from business this year, the growth of AI ensures customer knowledge, efficiency, and saves of the operational costs. The pandemic has also forced businesses to keep a close eye on their budgets. Some have resorted to RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) to perform tasks in order to release employees to do other, more complex things.

Digital transformation, RPA

This has been a great focus of RPAs as we move towards higher levels of intelligent automation that links traditional robots used for process automation with intelligent processes powered by the cloud, Machine Learning and AI. Little by little the IOT (Internet of things) is gaining prevalence in business and we starting to see a confluence between IOT and AI. Now you can monitor, interact with the devices and store data with automatic processes.

We have been waiting for the benefits of 5G for years, but it wasn’t until remote working, video conferencing, and digital collaboration became central parts of our lives that it became a real benefit.

Another important input is customer data platforms (CDP). These help to collect data from all available sources, organize it, tag it and make it usable for anyone who needs to access it. Several technology companies are creating powerful CDPs to solve the challenge of obtaining the coveted 360 customer view.

Undoubtedly AI & Big data will continue to be a key trend in 2021. And more so when it comes to choose technologies to rethink business strategies and priorities. The pandemic has become businesses into being extremely analytical, predicting information in less than 3 months, learning from systems autonomously, and streamlining internal processes.

From C3 Digital we support companies to rethink and reactivate their digital transformation and innovation plan to face the complexities that may appear in 2021.

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