“The quality of customer service influences the purchase or repurchase decision”


Last Monday, March 11, the third Customer Observatorium was published, prepared by SottoTempo, the company organizing the contest of Leaders in Service. The report establishes among many other data that 81.8% of the population has used some Customer Service (SAC) in the last year.

For this reason, the S.A.C of companies has to modernize and improve. In Consulting C3 we help companies to grow: specialized training courses, quality controls through the eAlicia tool or customer experience trainings. The image that the majority of society has about Call Centers is negative, do not assume it, improve and get a better service. Consumers win, your company wins. Invest in training for your company.

The report, which has been made to 1,002 people between 18 and 65 years of age representing the Spanish population of the Netquest Panel in February 2019, states that 81.8% of the company has used some customer service in the last year. That is, consumers need to be served at some point. Any questions, suggestions or issues must be addressed by an S.A.C that has to meet customer expectations.

Therefore, the study also cites that 82.6% consider the quality of customer service influences the purchase or repurchase decision of the product in question. Having an appropriate Call Center and prepared to the premises of consumers will have a higher level of loyalty.

In addition, users who have responded to the survey have also mostly confirmed that the aspect to improve of the companies is the treatment that consumers receive when they make an inquiry to the Customer Service.

Check all the data in the report here.

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