The importance of hygiene in establishments

Supermarkets, pharmacies, tobacconists, small shops, markets … Are you asking if the hygiene of your establishments is correct?

Do you want to analyze how buyers are evaluating your hygiene measures against Covid-19 in stores? From eAlicia we have created a service that allows you to see in real time the results of the surveys that consumers do once they have left your establishment.

For only € 990 you will know the opinion of all the clients that pass by your premises. A single payment that will allow you to analyze the results for three months.

All companies have changed their hygiene habits and ways of selling because of the Covid-19. Hygiene is essential in all establishments since many consumers coincide throughout the day.

With the measures of lack of confidence, the population will return to the streets, supermarkets, shops, markets … A step towards normality that will make us consider ourselves as businessmen if our hygiene measures are being effective.

For this reason, from eAlicia we provide you with the means so that your clients can assess through electronic surveys the measures that you implement in your company to prevent Covid-19. And, see the results at the moment.

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