The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector: Rafael González, fifth speaker

Five out of five! Rafael González is the last speaker we unveiled for the Round Table, «The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector» of October 31

As you know, C3 Digital by MST Holding organizes a Round Table on the technological solutions that the future of the tourism sector holds for us.

If you don’t know, you’re in luck. And it is that after a month revealing the speakers of the Round Table. “The Digitization of the Tourism Sector”, today, Tuesday 21, the five professionals we will have at the Round Table on October 31 at the Casa Convalescència are already known. Check them here.

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The moderator of the Mesa, Karen Quipusco will have it easy to draw the deepest theories to the speakers: What a small initial quintet!

Who is Rafael González?

Rafael González, is a managing partner and founder of Vivential Value, a Barcelona-based company that specializes in tourism intelligence innovation with a focus on visitor experience and its impact on the online reputation of companies and destinations.

During the last 10 years he has led the design of new methodologies for the study and improvement of the online tourism reputation, from benchmarks such as the iRON Online Reputation Index®, to sectorial intelligence systems such as Online Reputation Monitors, applied in leading destinations in Spain and Latin America in different sectors (accommodation, museums, beaches, natural environments, commerce, wine tourism, gastronomy, etc.)

Its clients include municipal, provincial and regional tourist destinations that are committed to improving their competitiveness through the exploitation of the “reputational big data” available on the Internet, and are currently participating in several projects in the field of smart destination, to through the design and implementation of new tourist intelligence systems.

He also has extensive experience as a teacher with entrepreneurs, universities and tourism institutions.

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