The digitalization of the tourism sector, October 31

What solutions the the future holds in the tourism sector?

MST Holding organizes a round table on October 31 about the technological solutions that must be implemented in the tourism sector

On the occasion that Barcelona is one of the world powers in the national and international tourism sector, MST Holding will organize a round table on October 31 on the technological solutions that should be implemented in the tourism sector. The Convalescència House will host the tourism dynamics from 9 am to 1 pm. We will show all attendees what solutions the future holds in the tourism sector.

At the round table: “The digitalization of the tourism sector”, attendees can hear first hand the opinions and proposals that the speakers are implementing in their companies or want to incorporate in the immediate future. In addition, MST Holding wants to bet on solutions such as: data big data ’,‘ speech analytics ’,‘ text analytics ’and‘ social media ’.

The place chosen for the event is located within the historic premises of the Hospital de Sant Pau, a monument with a lot of history in the city of Barcelona. An emblematic place where we can contrast traditional initiatives with new solutions.

Our expert in Digital and Technological solutions, Karen Quipusco, will be the moderator of a round table that will feature speakers from the sector. With the participants already confirmed, we will reveal them as the appointment approaches.

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