The Director of CRM at Fira Barcelona, ​​Javier de Ramón, Second Confirmed!

The Director of CRM and Marketing Services at Fira Barcelona is the second confirmed speaker for the Round Table organized by C3 Digital by MST Holding: «The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector»

The Director of CRM and Marketing Services at Fira Barcelona, ​​Javier de Ramón, is the second confirmed speaker for the Round Table organized by C3 Digital by MST Holding: «The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector». Sign up for the event to not miss the opinions of these experts. De Ramón joins the list of speakers who will participate in the Mesa after presenting Davide Lusuardi last week.

Javier de Ramón, born in Barcelona in 1974, is currently Director of CRM and Marketing Services at Fira Barcelona, ​​the department is responsible for CRM, marketing services, call center management, digital business transformation and analytical marketing.

He previously served as Program Manager of CRM, Knowledge Management and NPS for ADP ESI, a company of 48,000 employees with a presence in 17 countries. Its objective was the management and implementation of a common customer relationship model including best CRM practices, customer service and the development of customer voice programs internationally.

Among his previous experience, he worked for Vueling where he went through the departments of technology, pricing and customer service. In the last stage in Vueling, he created the customer service department through social networks and promoted technology in search of efficiency in a multichannel customer service environment.

Javier is currently working on the challenge of how technology and Big Data can help improve the customer experience by finding value for both the company and the customer.

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MST Holding, present at the Customer Relations Expo 2019

Customer Relations Expo 2019
Customer Relations Expo 2019

MST Holding will make a presentation on “The Contact Center of 2025”, the company’s CEO, Pedro Barceló will be the moderator

MST Holding will be present at the 22nd edition of the most important Contact Center Fair in the country. The Customer Relations Expo 2019 will be held on October 9 and 10 at the Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid.

Accredit yourself with the code EXPO19-MST and stop by to greet us at booth # 45. We will be there to help you with everything you need.

Our company, which has never failed the event since the fair is held, will hold a round table on the “Contact Center of 2025” on Thursday, October 10 at 1pm. The current CEO of MST Holding, Pedro Barceló, will be the moderator of the event that will feature leading speakers from the Customer Service sector. The Global Experience Contact Center Director of the Melià group, Elena de la Torre, the Pulamntur Sales Director, Javier Marín, the Endesa Sales Channel Manager, Mayte Prada, and the Caixabank Contact Center Operations Director, Teresa Ordoñez .

The Customer Relations Expo 2019 will feature more than 70 speakers from the Contact Center sector. A Fair, which this year is inspired by the Retro, where the most powerful and important companies in our country will meet. The solutions that the future holds, together with the new technologies that are being implemented in the sector, will be the hot topics in all the presentations.

Madrid will be the capital of Call Centers and service providers on October 9 and 10.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend the Customer Relations Expo 2019. Accredit yourself with the code EXPO19-MST and stop by to greet us at booth 45.

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The digitalization of the tourism sector, October 31

What solutions the the future holds in the tourism sector?

MST Holding organizes a round table on October 31 about the technological solutions that must be implemented in the tourism sector

On the occasion that Barcelona is one of the world powers in the national and international tourism sector, MST Holding will organize a round table on October 31 on the technological solutions that should be implemented in the tourism sector. The Convalescència House will host the tourism dynamics from 9 am to 1 pm. We will show all attendees what solutions the future holds in the tourism sector.

At the round table: “The digitalization of the tourism sector”, attendees can hear first hand the opinions and proposals that the speakers are implementing in their companies or want to incorporate in the immediate future. In addition, MST Holding wants to bet on solutions such as: data big data ’,‘ speech analytics ’,‘ text analytics ’and‘ social media ’.

The place chosen for the event is located within the historic premises of the Hospital de Sant Pau, a monument with a lot of history in the city of Barcelona. An emblematic place where we can contrast traditional initiatives with new solutions.

Our expert in Digital and Technological solutions, Karen Quipusco, will be the moderator of a round table that will feature speakers from the sector. With the participants already confirmed, we will reveal them as the appointment approaches.

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The new digital home of MST Holding

Home page MST
Home page MST

The new MST Holding website will feature a multitude of content of interest to users.

MST Holding was created more than 25 years ago. The company has been transforming over the years. From offering basic Customer Service services, to serving the latest technology in BPO services such as Chatbots, RPA or Virtual Assistant. This Monday, September 9, we take a new step: We publish the new website of the company.

With the new website, the company intends to facilitate access to all the services offered by the Business Holding. Its founder and current CEO, Pedro Barceló, has followed the project closely so that the contents that make us one of the powers of the sector at national and international level stand out.

In addition, the page has different sections that help to bring the business infrastructure closer to the client. This time, workers are part of the web. You can contact them without waiting long hours until you get an answer.

On the MST Holding website you will also find the company’s new blog. Weekly news will be published with prominent information about the company or its workers. The style of the blog will also be modernized, giving way to a more agile reading and a more innovative design.

Currently, we serve countries around the world. For this reason, the website is in English and Spanish. We hope that over time new languages ​​will be added so that MST can cover all the languages ​​of the planet.

With the new MST website, we intend to make all users the services we offer and the sectors in which we operate. Through our social networks you will be closer to the company.

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