Everything you need to know about the Digitalization of the Tourism Sector, October 31

On October 31 C3 Digital By MST Holding organizes the round table: ‘The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector’, an event that will have recognized experts from the sector

C3 Digital By MST Holding organizes the round table: ‘Digitalization of the Tourism Sector’ on October 31. The day will last from nine to 12 at the Casa Convalescència (Barcelona). Great speakers, raffles, coffee break and much more!

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The speakers

A brief summary of what we are preparing for the big day:

On the one hand, Davide Lusuardi, Head of Operations of Costa Cruises in Spain and Portugal, will share his experience in how technology is optimizing the processes of marketing tourism products and services.

Javier de Ramón, the Director of CRM and Marketing Services at Fira Barcelona, ​​will explain his vision of the challenges of digital transformation in the industry and MICE and business.

Also, Christian Rodríguez, the founder of BYHOURS.COM, will enrich us with his experience on tourism business models today and the role of innovation in the territory’s tourism sector.

Josep-Francesc Valls, Professor of Marketing Management ESADE Business & Law School, will contribute with his contribution on the advantages of big data, Deep learning, machine learning and intelligent marketing in predicting the behavior of the traveler to optimize the traveler experience and ensure the profitability of the tourism company.

Finally, Rafael González, is a managing partner and founder of Vivential Value, with several years collaborating with the public administration, will focus on how technology is changing the way of living the travel experience. In addition to the challenges that destinations must face before the technological digital revolution.

The program

From 9 in the morning we wait for you at Casa Convalescència with a hot welcome coffee. You will receive your personalized accreditation and a bag with information of the day. Until 10, and with all the attendees and speakers gathered, the Round Table will be given. Our Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation, Karen Quipusco, will be the moderator.

After the debate, a period of 30 minutes of questions will be given. Then, we go to networking to continue sharing ideas.

The event will end with a raffle of five bluetooh speakers among all those attending the event.

On Monday October 28 we close registrations, there are few places left. SUBSCRIBE!

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Josep-Francesc Valls, Professor of Management at ESADE: He is the 4th speaker!

The Professor of Marketing Management at ESADE Business & Law School, director of the International Classroom Tourism Innovation ESADECREAPOLIS and the Project “Consumer Brands” ESADE, is the fourth speaker of the Round Table on October 31

Josep-Francesc Valls, Professor of Marketing Management ESADE Business & Law School, is the fourth speaker for the Round Table: “The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector”. In addition, Mr. Valls is the director of the ESADECREAPOLIS International Tourism Innovation Classroom and the ESADE Consumer Brand Project.

Josep-Francesc joins Davide Lusuardi, Christian Rodríguez, and Javier de Ramón.

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Get to know Josep-Francesc Valls better

Founder and director of the ESADE Business & Law School Tourism Management Center, from 1990 to 2004

Visiting professor at the University of Madeira, at the Externado University of Colombia, at Universidad Pacífico de Lima, at Bocconi University in Milan, at the International University of Andalusia.

He publishes in the main scientific journals and is the author of about twenty Management books. The last five “Customer-centricity”, CambridgeScholars, 2018; “Big Data: catching the consumer”, Profit, 2017; “Marketing strategies and tactics”, Profit, 2014; “Beyond the Low Cost Business. Rethinking the Business Model ”, Palgrave Mcmillan, 2013; and “Reinventing the business to sell cheaper”, Profit, 2010)

On the other hand, Josep-Francesc Valls, is also a consultant in international organizations, national and regional governments and private companies on tourism strategy and marketing.

In addition, in 2000 he received the Joan Sardà Dexeus award from the College of Economists of Catalonia for his personal career in disseminating the economy. And in 2009, that of the Barcelona Comerç Foundation for its contribution in favor of urban commerce and the sustainable city model.

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ByHours and Northweek, present in the Tourism Sector Digitization, October 31

Travel planning concept on map

The founder of BYHOURS.COM is the third confirmed speaker for the Round Table organized by C3 Digital by MST Holding: «The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector», on October 31

Christian Rodriguez Fornos, CEO and founder of BYHOURS and born entrepreneur, is the third speaker confirmed for the Round Table: “The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector”, October 31 at the Convalescència House in Barcelona.

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Northweek, Byhous, WashRocks and Heyhoods, present in the Tourism Sector Digitization (…)

Christian has a long entrepreneurial career and an innate talent to develop new projects, to recruit and put together young and talented teams and to create winning business ideas.

Entrepreneur since the age of 18, a dreamer and fighter, who believes that changing the world is in our hands. Creative, and specialist in the conceptualization of businesses and products, he masters a great dowry of leadership, a gift for handling people and multidisciplinary. He has experience in the operational and corporate management of projects, and is a committed fan to innovation.

He graduated in Advertising, has an MBA at the Pompeu Fabra University and a Postgraduate in Qualitative Market Trends at the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Hawkers Group, as well as a mentor in different accelerators and business programs, as well as the founder of more than 7 companies, from which stand out: BYHOURS, the first international platform for booking hotels by the hour, currently operating in more than 600 international destinations; Northweek, international well known and successful ecommerce of sunglasses; WashRocks, the leading laundry and dry-cleaning App at home; Heyhoods, an APP created to help each other when in trouble by proximity and altruism; Urban Secrets, the private leisure club in Barcelona of clandestine restaurants such as Dontell Laundry, Chi-Ton, etc.; Spotbus, the first audiovisual system for public bus contents, like advertising, among others.

Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker (…)

He has won several international awards and recognitions for his career such as: CREATIC Prize 2005 by Spotbus, National Marketing Awards Finalist 2010 by Urban Secrets, Best Business Initiative Award 2013 by BYHOURS and Best National APP also BYHOURS.

Christian is author of DESPEGAR (2017, Profit) a bible for entrepreneurship explaining in a pleasant and very realistic way the steps, stages and main challenges to face when starting a business project.

Being a well known face in the entrepreneurial sector in Catalonia and Spain​, Christian is also ​now ​a speaker in international entrepreneurship events and conferences in leading business universities, as well as being an  MBA professor at Pompeu Fabra University.

Without a doubt, we have one of the most relevant people in the Tourism Sector.

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Get to know Davide Lusuardi a little more

Davide Lusuardi, Head of Operations of Costa Cruises in Spain and Portugal: First confirmation!

The Head of Operations of Costa Cruises in Spain and Portugal, Davide Lusuardi, is the first speaker that we unveil for the round table: “The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector”. Sign up to be able to hear everything you have to say.

Italian by birth, Barcelona from adoption, migrated to Spain in 96 to start a new adventure that led him to work in different countries and thus expand his socio-cultural knowledge.

Over the years he has acquired experiences in different sectors and curiosity for everything that is technologically advanced has led him to experience and implement solutions that apparently seemed impossible to achieve.

In the last 15 years he has dedicated his professional career to the world of customer service, leading the operations of different Contact Centers, constantly exploring technological developments, moving from multi-channel to current omni-quality, implementing solutions for measurement and the improvement of the customer experience. In addition to creating ad-hoc operational models to improve efficiency and control over any commercial or customer service operations.

Now, in the full evolution of the digital world and in a sector as “emotional” as tourism, its great challenge is to be able to apply the potential offered by IoT (Internet of Things) to be able to improve any client / company interaction, combining their own knowledge of customer behavior with the data that can provide us with “the things” that surround it.

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