ByHours and Northweek, present in the Tourism Sector Digitization, October 31

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The founder of BYHOURS.COM is the third confirmed speaker for the Round Table organized by C3 Digital by MST Holding: «The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector», on October 31

Christian Rodriguez Fornos, CEO and founder of BYHOURS and born entrepreneur, is the third speaker confirmed for the Round Table: “The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector”, October 31 at the Convalescència House in Barcelona.

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Northweek, Byhous, WashRocks and Heyhoods, present in the Tourism Sector Digitization (…)

Christian has a long entrepreneurial career and an innate talent to develop new projects, to recruit and put together young and talented teams and to create winning business ideas.

Entrepreneur since the age of 18, a dreamer and fighter, who believes that changing the world is in our hands. Creative, and specialist in the conceptualization of businesses and products, he masters a great dowry of leadership, a gift for handling people and multidisciplinary. He has experience in the operational and corporate management of projects, and is a committed fan to innovation.

He graduated in Advertising, has an MBA at the Pompeu Fabra University and a Postgraduate in Qualitative Market Trends at the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Hawkers Group, as well as a mentor in different accelerators and business programs, as well as the founder of more than 7 companies, from which stand out: BYHOURS, the first international platform for booking hotels by the hour, currently operating in more than 600 international destinations; Northweek, international well known and successful ecommerce of sunglasses; WashRocks, the leading laundry and dry-cleaning App at home; Heyhoods, an APP created to help each other when in trouble by proximity and altruism; Urban Secrets, the private leisure club in Barcelona of clandestine restaurants such as Dontell Laundry, Chi-Ton, etc.; Spotbus, the first audiovisual system for public bus contents, like advertising, among others.

Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker (…)

He has won several international awards and recognitions for his career such as: CREATIC Prize 2005 by Spotbus, National Marketing Awards Finalist 2010 by Urban Secrets, Best Business Initiative Award 2013 by BYHOURS and Best National APP also BYHOURS.

Christian is author of DESPEGAR (2017, Profit) a bible for entrepreneurship explaining in a pleasant and very realistic way the steps, stages and main challenges to face when starting a business project.

Being a well known face in the entrepreneurial sector in Catalonia and Spain​, Christian is also ​now ​a speaker in international entrepreneurship events and conferences in leading business universities, as well as being an  MBA professor at Pompeu Fabra University.

Without a doubt, we have one of the most relevant people in the Tourism Sector.

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The new digital home of MST Holding

Home page MST
Home page MST

The new MST Holding website will feature a multitude of content of interest to users.

MST Holding was created more than 25 years ago. The company has been transforming over the years. From offering basic Customer Service services, to serving the latest technology in BPO services such as Chatbots, RPA or Virtual Assistant. This Monday, September 9, we take a new step: We publish the new website of the company.

With the new website, the company intends to facilitate access to all the services offered by the Business Holding. Its founder and current CEO, Pedro Barceló, has followed the project closely so that the contents that make us one of the powers of the sector at national and international level stand out.

In addition, the page has different sections that help to bring the business infrastructure closer to the client. This time, workers are part of the web. You can contact them without waiting long hours until you get an answer.

On the MST Holding website you will also find the company’s new blog. Weekly news will be published with prominent information about the company or its workers. The style of the blog will also be modernized, giving way to a more agile reading and a more innovative design.

Currently, we serve countries around the world. For this reason, the website is in English and Spanish. We hope that over time new languages ​​will be added so that MST can cover all the languages ​​of the planet.

With the new MST website, we intend to make all users the services we offer and the sectors in which we operate. Through our social networks you will be closer to the company.

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