How to overcome work stress in a Call Center

Overcoming work stress in a Call Center can be easy
Overcoming work stress in a Call Center can be easy

Overcoming work stress in a Call Center can be easy

Overcoming work stress in a Call Center can be easy. According to the latest research, being informed about the characteristics of stress protects us from its negative effects. This is because having a positive perception of stress decreases its effects on the body.

How can this be?

As in most aspects of life, everything depends on the color of the glass with which you look. That is, if we can change our mental perspective on what is and what is not stressful, to what extent it is, and if that stress compensates us in some way and is aligned with what we want to achieve.

Stress is a response of our body to an external situation that causes an imbalance. But thanks to these physiological reactions the organism makes changes and adjustments to achieve that balance between the external and internal environment.

Three examples that reflect work stress in a Call Center

  • The volume of work has increased, incoming calls are constant and not all breaks can be made. You cannot increase the number of people at this time due to lack of space. This produces a feeling of overwhelm, irritation and workers are more tired and moody.
  • There has been a technical incident and customers call very angry, several times, they interrupt the work constantly. Managers experience a strong sense of frustration because they are not the cause of the incident but have to face the client. They don’t have enough information they feel very insecure because they want to do their job well. However, they convey that insecurity to customers, who perceive it and are even more pissed off.
  • A multinational company has bought the company. Everyone is nervous. There are conflicting instructions and it is not clear what needs to be explained to the client. This generates a feeling of widespread insecurity.

How can I consider stress to be positive?

There are circumstances in which some people get stressed and others don’t. The difference between them, regardless of their life history, is how these people face the circumstances. If they consider it a challenge and an opportunity to learn and grow, the reaction of their organism and their behavior will be totally different from the person living the same circumstance as a threat and a danger.

In general, we would consider these situations to be stressful because they involve changes from previous routines. However, if we knew that once the difficulties were overcome we would get an additional salary or an additional week’s vacation, would we change our perspective of the situation? If we knew that those who help overcome the situation and improve the work environment will get promoted, could we consider that stress as an opportunity? Would it be possible that we consider that working under pressure makes us more productive and increases our concentration?

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