MST HOLDING, associate member of AEERC

MST partner of AEERC
MST partner of AEERC

MST Holding has been certified as a member of the Spanish Association of Customer Relations Experts (AEERC)

On February 17, the Spanish Association of Experts in the Relationship with Customers (AEERC) ratified once again membership in one of the most important national organizations in the relationship with customers.

For those of you who don’t know AEERC, explain a little what it means to remain in this organization.

The AEERC (Spanish Association of Relationship Experts) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide its associates with the necessary tools to exercise and improve in their profession. Customer Service activity. Promoting and disseminating information, knowledge and experiences among those professionals and companies that configure the operation of the customer experience.

AEERC currently represents more than 200 companies: companies with Customer Relations Centers (telecommunications, public services, insurance, banking, controls, hotel locks …). In addition to customer service platforms, outsourcing / BPO companies, technology provider and contact center companies. A unique forun where professionals can freely identify their concerns, share experiences and train.

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