MST Holding, new partner of Barcelona Global

Barcelona Global is responsible for attracting foreign talent to work in the Catalan capital.

The Barcelona Global association has created a website with the aim of attracting international talent to the Catalan capital. The initiative, called Work in Barcelona, ​​aims to collect in the same portal all job offers that companies in Barcelona direct to foreign workers specialized in technology.

The intention of Barcelona Global is to add the more companies better – at least “some twenty” until the end of the year – and become the reference portal for job offers for foreigners in Barcelona. At MST Holding we are committed to the future and talent. With this initiative, we try to go further and attract foreign talent to our company.

In addition to collaborating in the experience of increasing the power of the “Barcelona” brand, the association believes that its initiative will also contribute to positioning Barcelona as a city to work in the digital sector, precisely one of the areas that recorded the highest growth in recent years and that regrets the lack of digital talent in the city. For this reason, Work in Barcelona is planned to be integrated into Barcelona Digital Talent, the public-private initiative promoted by Mobile World Capital, CTecno, Barcelona Tech City, 22 @ Network, Barcelona Global, Foment del Treball, Generalitat and the City Council from Barcelona.

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