Let’s snack today thanks to Donuts!

Last Wednesday, November 20, Donuts gave us a very special gift: A great snack!

As you all know or have you ever tried, Bimbo group gave us a pleasant surprise by giving us Donuts for all the workers. All employees had a Donut thanks to Bakery Donuts Iberia.

«According to studies by the brand itself, 99’7% of Spaniards know Donuts®, a renowned brand that remains iconic generation after generation.» So if you are of that 0.3% look at the faces of happiness that Donuts generated ® with its wonderful donuts.

The origin

The creator of a new donut concept, the Donuts® was the businessman Andreu Costafreda, son of a family of bakers. After a trip to the United States in 1961, he discovered machines that allowed to easily produce new varieties of donuts.
A year later, Mr. Costafreda reaches an agreement with the Americans to manufacture these new donuts in Spain using the aforementioned machines. However, the project was truncated by the restrictive policy of the time, which prevented importing flour from the United States, since the quality of the existing Spanish flour did not allow using machines or making donuts.

However, the tenacity of this entrepreneur led him in just five months, to create a new formula with various types of flour and ensure the optimum quality of the raw material to manufacture a new product. Donuts® are born, a brand that was registered in Spain in 1962. After more than 50 years and, despite the many attempts of competing brands as well as cooks and consumers in cooking blogs, nobody has yet managed to match their flavor and texture. Only Donuts® taste like Donuts®, a unique and inimitable formula that has conquered millions of consumers. And in Spain more than 250 million Donuts® are consumed every year, which represents 8 Donuts® every second!

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