Josep-Francesc Valls, Professor of Management at ESADE: He is the 4th speaker!

The Professor of Marketing Management at ESADE Business & Law School, director of the International Classroom Tourism Innovation ESADECREAPOLIS and the Project “Consumer Brands” ESADE, is the fourth speaker of the Round Table on October 31

Josep-Francesc Valls, Professor of Marketing Management ESADE Business & Law School, is the fourth speaker for the Round Table: “The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector”. In addition, Mr. Valls is the director of the ESADECREAPOLIS International Tourism Innovation Classroom and the ESADE Consumer Brand Project.

Josep-Francesc joins Davide Lusuardi, Christian Rodríguez, and Javier de Ramón.

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Get to know Josep-Francesc Valls better

Founder and director of the ESADE Business & Law School Tourism Management Center, from 1990 to 2004

Visiting professor at the University of Madeira, at the Externado University of Colombia, at Universidad Pacífico de Lima, at Bocconi University in Milan, at the International University of Andalusia.

He publishes in the main scientific journals and is the author of about twenty Management books. The last five “Customer-centricity”, CambridgeScholars, 2018; “Big Data: catching the consumer”, Profit, 2017; “Marketing strategies and tactics”, Profit, 2014; “Beyond the Low Cost Business. Rethinking the Business Model ”, Palgrave Mcmillan, 2013; and “Reinventing the business to sell cheaper”, Profit, 2010)

On the other hand, Josep-Francesc Valls, is also a consultant in international organizations, national and regional governments and private companies on tourism strategy and marketing.

In addition, in 2000 he received the Joan Sardà Dexeus award from the College of Economists of Catalonia for his personal career in disseminating the economy. And in 2009, that of the Barcelona Comerç Foundation for its contribution in favor of urban commerce and the sustainable city model.

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