Is artificial intelligence a reality or an illusion?

La Inteligencia Artificial una clave en su negocio

We must take into account Artificial Intelligence in our companies, at MST Holding we already do it

Today artificial intelligence is not an option for business, but a necessary decision for the management of services and products with users. Undoubtedly, we are not prepared for the transformative effect that it involves. AI is a reality because it is revolutionizing the market. This change represents a great opportunity for companies to become more effective businesses thanks to the automation of repetitive processes. Even for the creation of 3 million new jobs, according to Gartner.

This is so true that many service companies are planning to continue growing from an analog to a hybrid model. An example of this is the management of a Contact Center that requires different channels, platforms and systems to provide customer service.

Given this, we are witnessing the evolution of our customer service services that began to integrate the CTI platform with that of CRM management, order management and listening analytics on social networks, to offer an omnichannel service.

The potential of Artificial Intelligence
AI has the potential to streamline processes across organizations, which is why companies are betting big: 54% of business executives and CTIs in a Digital IQ survey (PWC, 2020). This survey tells us that your companies are making substantial investments today; in three years, that number will reach 63%.

Obviously AI is changing us in many ways and it is clear that some people will enthusiastically adopt and integrate the new tools and ways of working that make it possible. On the other hand, others will be more cautious or even opposed to the changes it brings to their life or work. An open mind will be the greatest asset in the near future. As technology advances and we continue to experience how to use AI to solve problems, in our personal lives, professionals and in society in general.

According to a PWC study, 64% of customers mention that accessing quality service instantly is more important than maintaining a customer service advisor. In the next five years the AI ​​will interact with clients in the following professional profiles:

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