Inauguration of the C3 Consulting workshops


Have you considered knowing and understanding your current and potential clients better through the digital social environment?

Social networks are the habitat, essence and appearance of companies. A virtual world where users navigate to learn, buy. The Duquesa Cardona Hotel in Barcelona will host the “C3 Social Networking Workshop”, the first C3 Consulting workshop. The duration will be one hour and a half. Fair and necessary to learn a little more about how the virtual world works in the business sector.

All opinions matter. We must not discard the content generated by our users on social networks. It is important to extract it to analyze and monitor it. The ‘social media’ observatory is a tool that will provide you with results to find trends, measure campaigns to better design strategies and make better decisions.

In our first workshop, “C3 Social Networking Workshop”, we will discuss the Digital Ecosystem and Social Intelligence. As a company we cannot isolate ourselves from digital communication in social networks because they play a very important role in our users, we will learn what are the key elements to be able to stand out in the world of social intelligence.

From 9 to 11:30, an hour and a half will suffice to know how and why we need the content that our users share. The interaction between the speakers will be the tonic of the Workshop. You will get away with the feeling that it could have lasted longer, as time will fly by. And more, when you know our own success story, the ‘Online Reputation Turisme de Barcelona’ or a case where the company “Starbucks” managed the opinions of its customers through social networks.

Sign up, the terrace of the Hotel Duquesa de Cardona has splendid views of the maritime area of ​​Barcelona. Breakfast, experience and fun. What else do you want?

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