In MST we promote the consumption of fruit at work

Fruit for fun
Fruit for fun
Fruit for fun

Bargosa S.A has provided us with more than 200 bananas so that nobody is left without their piece of fruit.

Fruits are perfect to provide us with a part of carbohydrates in our daily diet, but above all their contribution is vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber and organic water.

The major element in the composition of the fruit is water (approximately 80 or 90%), but it is not any type of water, but clean water. Packed with trace elements and organic nutrients that cleanse our body. They provide us with some of the necessary elements to keep us healthy, young and strong.

Fruit is an important part of our diet that can not be missing in your daily diet. In addition to being beneficial for your body because of the abundant amount of nutrients it carries, it is necessary to guarantee many of the functions that your body needs to perform every day.

The richness of this food is mostly due to its composition, since it is mostly made up of water, in addition to containing a large amount of vitamins. Also an important part of minerals, such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus, among others, as well as food fiber whose proportion will depend on the type of fruit in question.

We want to thank Bargosa S.A again for the bananas they have sent us.

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