In MST Holding we bet on Telework: what about you?

En MST apostamos por el teletrabajo

At MST Holding we have been working with Telework for weeks. Are you a company that offers Customer Service? See how we can help you

At MST Holding we launch your 1st level Customer Service in a few days. Do not hesitate to outsource your service and maintain the level of quality that your customers expect.

The situation the world is experiencing with the expansion of COVID-19 has led many companies to make extraordinary decisions, such as having all their workers telework to avoid leaving home and putting the population at risk. Although it is true that it is an exceptional situation, at MST Holding we have adapted to the needs that the situation demands.

At MST we finished the second week of teleworking with unusual images that had never been seen before. Where once there were telephone agents, now there are empty chairs and tables. The quality of the services and the maintenance of the KPIs has been maintained thanks to the involvement and effort of the human capital that MST has.

The Broher International Service Manager, Leandro Nunes, wanted to analyze the situation:

«The Brother service has 36 tele agents working since 03/17, maintaining the established quality of service, offering all Brother International clients an optimal service.

The teleworking process has been organized in 2 days, 50% of the staff started on 03/16 and the remaining agents on Tuesday, 03/17.

As a result of recent events, we have noticed an increase in support requested through chat, which has increased by 44% compared to the previous week.

All the agents are in constant contact with their coordinators, with the trainers, and their supervisor Roberto Nicosia, having support at all times. I, as a Service Manager, am monitoring the service on a day-to-day basis, so that everything works as normal, as one more day in operations.

We are also experiencing for the first time, the initial training week for new agents from Skype this week, and at the moment the feedback is very positive. ”






And it is that not only Brother agents are working from home, but each and every one of the agents of all the services we have, are doing an excellent job from their improvised private offices.

At MST Holding we have opted for teleworking. Have you already done it in your company? If you think you do not have enough material, do not hesitate to contact us. We can start your 1st level Customer Service in a few days: your customers do not pay it.


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