How to win clients by being proactive agents

preferencias de los clientes para contactar con un servicio de atención al cliente

Why do proactive agents achieve results and are able to face crisis situations? In this case we will talk about the benefits of being a proactive agent

Two people who work in the same work environment, with identical responsibilities and under the same circumstances can perform their work in very different ways. One questions the usual way of working if you do not obtain the desired results, constantly take new actions and generate constructive changes in your environment. The other is satisfied with his current situation and does nothing to change what does not work. The first person behaves proactively, the second person does so reactively.

In a changing workplace context as today, individual behavior plays a decisive role in professional success. Sitting and waiting for others to make things happen is the typical behavior of reactive people. These people often behave like an ostrich – hiding their heads underground – or like a firefighter – waiting for fire to break out to fight it. Instead, the proactive person gets up every morning ready to make things happen, create opportunities, and find new solutions.

A proactive agent is characterized by the following:

  1. They are continually looking for new opportunities.
  2. Effective change-oriented goals are set.
  3. They anticipate and prevent problems.
  4. They do different things, or they act differently.
  5. They take action and venture despite the uncertainty.
  6. They persevere and persist in their efforts.
  7. They achieve tangible results, since they are results-oriented.

Transferred to the world of telephone service, we can say that a manager, coordinator or supervisor / proactive agent is one who:

  1. It focuses on the needs of its customers, listens to them with a goal of continuous improvement.
  2. Is clear about the objectives of the campaign and the company in its customer orientation policy
  3. The call is prepared before making it, it has an argument or script oriented to the objective of the call
  4. The most frequent incidents are reported and how they are adequately resolved
  5. It is not limited to doing what everyone does, but goes beyond trying to improve every day, wondering how I can achieve excellence
  6. Sometimes he is wrong to take the initiative, however, if the objective of the action is aligned with that of the campaign and with the client, he is usually welcomed.
  7. It does not stop for being wrong or for receiving a refusal. Insist on your goal of improvement.

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