Free Online Mindfulness Workshop April 28-29

Taller Online Mindfulness

We expand our Online Training Offer: Do you want to know how we do it? Sign up for the Mindfulness Online Workshop that we will organize next April 28 and 29

Given the success of registration to the Mindfulness Workshop for April 28, we have decided to hold a new session on Wednesday, April 29.

At Consulting C3 we have expanded our Online Training Offer so that workers do not cease in their efforts to continue improving and learning new techniques. We have been in the business training sector for more than 25 years. If you don’t know us yet, you are on time. And it is that on April 28 we will hold an online workshop on Mindfundless for Directors. Do you want to sign up? Send us an email to to send you the invitation or fill out the form located in the footer.

Online Mindfulness Workshop – Stop distractions and focus

Consulting C3 accompanies professionals and organizations in processes of change and transformation with a work approach based on the development of mindfulness, the relationship with oneself and the way of relating to others. A vision focused on BEING, from which to promote professional and personal development towards greater performance with a healthier and more sustainable life in all aspects.

We offer basic and fundamental TIPS to help in the present moment, to locate ourselves, locate us and launch ourselves towards our objectives.

We adapt to new events and we want to do it together with our clients, with whom we have already shared other evolutionary stages, and also with those new clients with whom we hope to share these new times that we have to live, they are moments of walking together to strengthen ourselves and keep growing to reach our goals.

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