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Pedro Barcelo presenta eAlicia Internacional en La Vanguardia
Pedro Barcelo presents eAlicia Internacional in La Vanguardia
Pedro Barcelo presents eAlicia Internacional in La Vanguardia

Pedro Barceló, CEO of the MST Holding Group, presents international eAlicia in the La Vanguardia edition of January 28, 2020

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eAlicia is a management platform that evaluates and controls the overall quality of your business facilitating decision making. It allows you to have a 360º vision measuring the satisfaction of your customers and the quality of your services / products anywhere in the world. eAlicia has been helping companies improve the quality of their services for 8 years, adapting to change and constantly evolving, becoming the official tool of the “Chosen Customer Service of the Year” contest.

Could you explain how the application has evolved in recent years?

eAlicia is constantly changing to make it more manageable and have a global vision of the business. Thanks to the daily feedback we have with our customers, we can adapt the tool to the real needs of users and consumers. For example, this year, changing the design and usability of the website has been our priority and today, it is already a reality.

The new platform design is closer and adapted to the digital world. As well as the changes in the website that will allow visitors to move more easily through the Home and obtain information as clearly as possible.

We have seen that you have changed the slogan of eAlicia. Why?

We believe that “Measure to continue growing” refers to what we really want to convey. Any company in the world needs to have controlled the experience that their clients are having in any continent. If you are not able to detect where you are failing, you will not be able to please your customers and they will stop consuming your product.

The slogan of the new website, “Measure to continue growing”, tries to convince users and future customers the need to measure the quality of service in their companies to continue growing. With eAlicia you measure the quality you give as your customers perceive anywhere in the world and in real time.

What are the keys for eAlicia to remain positioned as one of the leading platforms in Quality Management and Customer Experience?

The keys are the combination of technological innovation, one of our strengths, and our expertise in quality of customer service and customer experience along with our broad customer base.

With this combination, eAlicia helps to improve the customer experience that has become a key point for the improvement of our customers’ business. Companies are transforming into a Customer Centric strategy and from MST we are helping them to this transformation driven by eAlicia.

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