Contingency Plan for your Call Center

Plan de Contingencia para tu Servicio de Atención al Cliente

In times of crisis such as the Coronavirus crisis, Call Center services are playing a fundamental role in the continuity of many businesses

We live in a moment of uncertainty in which the Covid-19 will deprive us of many freedoms. The companies are one of the biggest victims. It is a good time to outsource the Contingency Plan for your Call Center.

All the services that have a Customer Service department are suffering the increase in calls, having to give the service by teleworking and lack of part of the team due to being off the Covid-19, all these factors make it very difficult to be able to give a service with the quality that clients deserve.

Living in a moment of confinement, the activities and procedures that are carried out remotely increase dramatically, the population takes advantage to catch up on products or services that were pending. For example: Make an appointment to review the ITV, repair the printer remotely, or request purchases at home. One thing this crisis has made clear is that outsourcing is a good solution to consider without losing control.

MST has launched a series of initiatives in this regard to help you and guarantee the continuity of your business and your service 100%. With 28 years of experience we know what we have to do to help you:

We ensure the continuity of your business

In a matter of a few days we can start a new Customer Service. We have structure, material and qualified agents who can take the lead in your product or service.

Control with online reports

At MST we have our own software with which you can obtain instant online reports on the status of the service.


In addition to being able to attend and make calls. We have the materials to carry out service coverage on any channel: Telephone, mail, chat or Social Networks.

Connectivity with customer environments

We can combine the systems used in your company with ours

Quality Control

Through our own software, eAlicia, you can measure the quality of the service you are offering in all your work centers.

Contact us at or 902 224 234 and we will be happy to work together to resolve this situation.

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