Chronicle: “We cannot embrace all technology without thinking of citizens”

La digitalización del Sector Turístico

Last Thursday, October 31, the Digitalization of the Tourism Sector was held at the Convalescència House in Barcelona

La digitalización del Sector Turístico

On October 31, C3 Digital By MST Holding organized a Round Table about the technological solutions that The future of the tourism sector holds. The Convalescència House of Barcelona hosted the Round Table: “The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector”.

The event

An event organized by C3 Dgital By MST Holding. The Head of Digital and Innovation, Karen Quipusco, was the moderator of a round table that featured speakers from the tourism sector. On the one hand, Davide Lusuardi (1st left), Head of Operations of Costa Cruises in Spain and Portugal, shared his experience in how technology is optimizing the marketing processes of tourism products and services. “We have to encourage tourism, you should not always be stuck in the same.”

Javier de Ramón (1st right), the Director of CRM and Marketing Services at Fira Barcelona, ​​told us his vision about the challenges of digital transformation in the MICE and business industry. “Companies must prepare the pre and post in the Customer Experience.”

Also, Christian Rodríguez (2nd right), the founder of BYHOURS.COM, fascinated us with his experience on tourism business models today and the role of innovation in the territory’s tourism sector. “Digitalization is not just applying technology. You have to know it to know what is going to make us grow.”

Finally, Rafael González (2nd left), is a managing partner and founder of Vivential Value, with several years collaborating with the public administration, focused on how technology is changing the way of living the travel experience. In addition to the challenges that Destinations must face before the technological digital revolution. “We can’t embrace all the technology without thinking about citizens.”

Each of them offered us the vision and the expectation that the future of the sector holds for us and what are the trends that they use in their respective companies.

The key points

In summary, the themes that could be heard at the Round Table were the following:

  1. The importance of understanding our business and how to approach it. Is digitalization an end or just a means for us?
  2. The Big Data We continue with the culture of data or the cult of data. It is not enough just to obtain and analyze them, you have to know how to interpret them and lower them to the reality of our environment.
  3. Customer understanding and customization: let’s break paradigms and focus on asking them before taking for granted that we are doing well. You have to focus on the experience.
  4. The importance of interaction: We must not only integrate our solutions with the data. But we must also integrate all the actors that influence when satisfying experiences to our clients.
  5. Sustainability: Trend or reality? Is the sector prepared to face the sustainability that the world requires? Is the tourist and the citizen?
  6. Think different” “think out of the box”: Are we seeing new digital businesses as new opportunities or only as threats to the industry?

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