Communication Skills for Help-Desk Agents

In this course you will learn how to develop those communication skills that are essential for excellent technical support.

The course of Communicative Skills for Help-Desk Agents is directed to all those departments of Helpdesk, Hotline of Computer science Support, Departments of Internal Technical Support, and in general all personnel of the company that has like main function the one to give a technical support as much to the external client as to the internal client.

The training will be done in-company/online (in the eAlicia University platform) using dynamic practices and seeking the participation of all attendees. The training dynamic is based on a previous study in which those areas that require greater reinforcement are analyzed. The previous analysis allows us to use in the training action real cases of the client company.


  • Provide solutions to the agents in charge of technical support to adapt their language to the interlocutor.
  • Establish an action protocol for technical support calls.
  • Offer technical agents to properly manage their work in stressful environments.
  • Provide strategies to manage the time available to agents, optimizing the response to the customer.
  • Offer technical agents to manage conflicting calls.

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The Digital Future by ‘IBM Think 2020’

Digital Future
Digital Future

C3 Digital by MST Holding participated in the «IBM Think 2020» that touched solutions on the digital future

C3 Digital is always on the cutting edge of new technologies, as an IBM partner it participated on May 5 and 6 in the ‘‘ IBM Think 2020 ’, about the digital future. Due to COVID the event was held in an online format and in which C3 Digital by MST Holding participated in some sessions. The themes were multidisciplinary and led by experts in technology, science, business and humanities.

Faced with this new reality, companies will have to adapt to the needs of customers and the market. For this reason, C3 Digital has already begun to install solutions adapted to the new “insights” of clients such as Chatbot, Text Analytics, process automation, in addition to promoting the Artificial Intelligence service.

We are left with the following reflections from the sessions:

  • Organizations will tend to build resilient and smart businesses to act at the speed of ‘insights’.
  • Businesses must be agile to manage change through the implementation of technological platforms, workflows will be relevant, reengineering of processes to control costs, an ecosystem of experiences started by the experience of the employee.
  • COVID 19 has accelerated digital disruption as an opportunity to change and design an organizational culture based on values ​​such as: Leadership, Ingenuity, Innovation, Technology.
  • The changes have happened all the time and have been constant, we have all been born to innovate, create and transform new possibilities.
  • Organizations need to work collectively to redefine their efforts in transparency, commitment, adaptation, collaboration towards their community.
  • Culture gives us certain conditions to adopt change: intention, connection, differentiation, uncertainty.
  • The digital age is not only human, but must be inclusive, providing opportunities for all.
  • Global problems need collective and global solutions: global cooperation and the exchange of data and experience is the only viable way to overcome the challenges of a connected world, whether it is to cure pandemics, manage humanitarian disorders or defeat terrorism.
  • The global pandemic has provided a stress test to organizations around the world, underscoring the critical need for open technology architectures to help manage even the most challenging business environments.
  • Understand your customers’ habits by using tools to improve your business intelligence, the stronger your knowledge base, the more effective the ‘engagement’ will be.
  • Artificial intelligence provides companies with a significant competitive advantage in being more agile, more competitive, developing healthier products and reducing the carbon footprint.

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The importance of hygiene in establishments

Supermarkets, pharmacies, tobacconists, small shops, markets … Are you asking if the hygiene of your establishments is correct?

Do you want to analyze how buyers are evaluating your hygiene measures against Covid-19 in stores? From eAlicia we have created a service that allows you to see in real time the results of the surveys that consumers do once they have left your establishment.

For only € 990 you will know the opinion of all the clients that pass by your premises. A single payment that will allow you to analyze the results for three months.

All companies have changed their hygiene habits and ways of selling because of the Covid-19. Hygiene is essential in all establishments since many consumers coincide throughout the day.

With the measures of lack of confidence, the population will return to the streets, supermarkets, shops, markets … A step towards normality that will make us consider ourselves as businessmen if our hygiene measures are being effective.

For this reason, from eAlicia we provide you with the means so that your clients can assess through electronic surveys the measures that you implement in your company to prevent Covid-19. And, see the results at the moment.

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“eAlicia helps us assess the Internal Quality of services”: RACC

A few days ago we were able to speak with Meritxell Martínez, Toni Vilés and Tomás Escofet, members of the RACC, who use eAlicia to evaluate the calls answered by the teams and measure the internal quality of the services

Meritxell Martínez, Tomás Escofet and Toni Vilés have attended us to send us their evaluations and recommendations on how eAlicia is helping them to measure the internal quality of their services. And, in what areas could the tool improve.

Once a month we will bring you a client interview to bring you closer to the needs that eAlicia can cover. Follow us on Linkedin to not miss any.

How does eAlicia help you?

It helps us in monitoring the equipment of the Platforms we support. Through eAlicia we can evaluate internal quality and have a global and individualized vision of the people who are part of the teams. Or, see if the development of your work is favorable or if there are aspects to improve. It also helps us in the return of the training carried out, being able to detect difficulties in the practical situations that occur on a daily basis. Therefore, eAlicia is a tool that helps us in the growth of operators, we can detect the strengths and points for improvement and the actions to be carried out for their continuous improvement. In addition, eAlicia has a technical support team that always helps us by giving us a quick response.

Why do you use eAlicia?

We use eAlicia as it is a tool that helps us to evaluate internal quality objectively and obtain results quickly and efficiently. It facilitates the collection of data, the preparation of reports and also helps us to share the results obtained in an agile way.

What do you use eAlicia for?

We use it to evaluate the calls answered by the teams through the calls channel. Through the survey channel, we have created the Learning Tests that are used to resolve operational situations such as those encountered by managers in handling queries and providing services. In this way we know the difficulties they may have.

What have you improved using eAlicia?

We have ensured that the different platforms, both in Operations and in the Commercial Area, have the same criteria to be evaluated by their TLs, thus, we have achieved homogeneity in the Telephone Service for all areas.

Would you recommend eAlicia?

Yes, of course we would recommend it. It has helped us to standardize the monitoring of the equipment.

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Accelerate transformation with the Digital Observatory

C3 digital by MST Holding instaura el servicio Observatorio Digital para empresas que quieran apostar por la transformación digital

From C3 Digital we have created the digital observatory to help companies in their journey of user experience. The digital laboratory has selected experts in digital analytics and monitoring tools to take care of your brand’s digital reputation and ensure a good relationship with its community with personalized and assertive content.

The visibility of the company in the digital ecosystem is necessary to build its identity on the internet, what it is and / or pretends to be; But do not confuse it with reputation, which is generated with the opinions of users on the internet. The reputational impact can be negative or positive and today it depends on our community related to our brand1, for this reason it is necessary to take care, monitor, measure and analyze the social listening of our community.

The social listening of the audience can be directed to the mentions of your brand, your products, your competitors, and / or the market in general. The tracking of these mentions is worked based on a list of queries or keywords to convert them into metrics on the platform, these data are analyzed to obtain insights and recommendations for your digital marketing strategy that allow making decisions in real time. The opportunities it allows you to analyze are: feeling of virtual communities, benchmarking by sector and / or topic to control reputational crisis, measurement of campaigns and themes [1].

Indeed, the brands that want to achieve greater impact with their consumers have decided to boost the customer experience. To generate differential experiences, it is significant to understand our clients, so that we can validate the information that we communicate with them on social networks and digital media. Likewise, get used to the variety of data that users share about what they perceive, feel and / or think about our brand.

We are sure that our digital laboratory can accompany your brand in connecting with the audience, maintaining engagement, generating content of value for your identity and contributing to strategic decision-making.


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