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Emotional Intelligence Workshop

The sun rises on the seafront in Barcelona, ​​the terrace of the Duquesa Cardona Hotel in Barcelona is about to host the second Consulting C3 workshop: “C3 Emotional Intelligence”.

Hurry time and preparations are finished with the arrival of the first assistants. At 9.30 a.m. the workshop begins. C3 Sales Director Virginia Jiménez introduces the team and starts the workshop. Our Customer Experience Analyst, Adriana de Jesus, the morning star, asks the public: How should we manage our emotions?

Ralarsa, Givinf Europe, Sottotempo, Vidacaixa, Dorel, Roche, Medicocrasse or Eglu have been some of the companies that have attended the talk on Emotional Intelligence. Talking about an abstract concept can sometimes be more difficult than it seems. Adriana, uses her experience and writer Daniel Goleman as a case study of her theory.

“What is the emotional salary?”

The result that workers of a company have when deciding whether they feel good in their workplace or not. A company, sometimes, cannot have emotional intelligence in its generality, but on other occasions, there are departments that have it and infect the team members. The Future for Work Institute and iOpener study in 2017, establishes that 40% of women leave their jobs because of the lack of appreciation of their boss. On the other hand, men change jobs by 35% when they see that they have no promotional opportunities.

We have to train emotions, both ours and those of the company. The “Good vibes”, the “Today I know you have your daughter, take the afternoon off”, the appreciation or simply the recognition of a job well done, are enough for the employee to feel more loved by the company.

Hunger stalks and breakfast begins to parade towards the tables. Croissants, fruit, snacks … The morning ends with a good taste and a very good atmosphere. Don’t miss the next workshop (May 14) on Customer Experience! Sign up now to not lose the place.

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