Decalogue for your customer service

Decálogo para tu servicio de atención al cliente

We introduce you the decalogue for your customer service from MST Holding. Times are coming when commercial activity increases and many customers call customer service to resolve incidents, buy products or answer their questions.

For this reason, we want to ask you some questions that you can share with Alberto Exposito who will help you for free until December 31st.

Decalogue for your customer service

  • Do I have my equipment sized correctly?
  • Is my service really efficient?
  • Do I know how to manage my equipment remotely without affecting service?
  • Am I getting the most benefit of my tools and CRM?
  • Do I have the best professionals for my activity?
  • How does it affect and deal with my periods of seasonality? Am I really flexible?
  • Do I know how I could reduce my number of inbounds?
  • Do I know how omnichannel and digitization can impact my business?
  • Am I measuring what happens in my service and how my clients perceive it?
  • How does my customer service affect the business numerically?

If you have them all resolved; you should ask yourself: how is your humility going?

Otherwise: Would you let me advise you for free?

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