Awards for the third quarter of the year

premios a la calidad

Last Friday, October 23rd, the quality awards for the third quarter of the year were presented

For the first time in history since the quality awards were given, the four sites of the Company in Spain have been awarded by one of the representatives of the services. Valencia, Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona have achieved to win the award for some of the workers.

Also, for the first time in history, the quality awards were delivered in an electronically way. We want to thank all attendees for taking the time to connect and virtually collect their prize.

The Office Manager, Raul Barrera, and the Quality Process Analyst, José Ramón Quesada, presented the quality awards for the third quarter of the year. The winners were awarded diplomas and gift vouchers for “Corte Inglés”. If you could not see the winners of the awards ceremony for the 1st and 2nd quarter of the year, you can see them here.

Moreover, this time we congratulate the following agents: Jacobus Van Yperen, Jorge Cañamero, Mª Ángeles Ballester, María Herrero, Paloma Colomer, Cesar Forner, Shabi Abdullah, Sonia Alfonso and Tania García. Congratulations to all!

Each quarter, nine awards are awarded, three for each service group (Call Center, Banking and Help Desk). Thus, all agents have the same opportunities to access them, regardless of their work group.

To prepare the list of quarterly awards, is taking into account the agent’s permanence during all the quarter in the top 10 positions in the quality ranking. As well as his average score obtained. With this assessment, the perseverance and dedication in the day-to-day work of each agent is being prioritized and specially rewarded. The purpose of these awards is to recognize and reward the efforts of people who, with the quality of their work, contribute to the success and growth of MST Holding.

Don’t stop trying! You can always be one of the winners.

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