Accelerate transformation with the Digital Observatory

C3 Digital by MST Holding crea el servicio Observatorio Digital

C3 digital by MST Holding instaura el servicio Observatorio Digital para empresas que quieran apostar por la transformación digital

From C3 Digital we have created the digital observatory to help companies in their journey of user experience. The digital laboratory has selected experts in digital analytics and monitoring tools to take care of your brand’s digital reputation and ensure a good relationship with its community with personalized and assertive content.

The visibility of the company in the digital ecosystem is necessary to build its identity on the internet, what it is and / or pretends to be; But do not confuse it with reputation, which is generated with the opinions of users on the internet. The reputational impact can be negative or positive and today it depends on our community related to our brand1, for this reason it is necessary to take care, monitor, measure and analyze the social listening of our community.

The social listening of the audience can be directed to the mentions of your brand, your products, your competitors, and / or the market in general. The tracking of these mentions is worked based on a list of queries or keywords to convert them into metrics on the platform, these data are analyzed to obtain insights and recommendations for your digital marketing strategy that allow making decisions in real time. The opportunities it allows you to analyze are: feeling of virtual communities, benchmarking by sector and / or topic to control reputational crisis, measurement of campaigns and themes [1].

Indeed, the brands that want to achieve greater impact with their consumers have decided to boost the customer experience. To generate differential experiences, it is significant to understand our clients, so that we can validate the information that we communicate with them on social networks and digital media. Likewise, get used to the variety of data that users share about what they perceive, feel and / or think about our brand.

We are sure that our digital laboratory can accompany your brand in connecting with the audience, maintaining engagement, generating content of value for your identity and contributing to strategic decision-making.


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