The adoption of digital channels represents the immediate future for the Customer Service sector

There are many companies that have a sales strategy in the various digital channels, however, there are few that have a digital strategy based on customer service. We are referring to having a customer service strategy for our users, with “real time” customer service, establishing the parameters for response times, a model in which we as companies can communicate with our customers on our own behalf, send notifications about new developments in our products and services, among a host of possibilities.

The adoption of digital channels represents the immediate future in Customer Service, for greater customer satisfaction.

After the start-up and implementation of customer service models based on a digital strategy, we already have conclusive data in relation to the increase in the customer satisfaction index, as well as the return on investment in these channels. More than a 25% increase in the Satisfaction index and a reduction of around 30% in the costs associated with Customer Services justify a digital strategy.

The irruption of these Channels has meant an additional challenge to the mere fact of the implementation of new communication channels, more than ever our Customer Service Agents assume a key role in an environment in which the human factor and technology allow us to work in a 24/7, omnichannel model and in which we can personalise the “Customer Experience” to the maximum, without any doubts we are coining together a new term; Responsive Contact Centre. From our Digital transformation unit @C3digital, I invite you to take a closer look at our Experience and Solutions in the face of this new challenge.

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